Date de publication: 24-05-2019
Date d'expiration: 24-09-2019
Jeanne d'arc, Tunis (Lafayette), Tunis
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Description du poste

The job
You’ll work with two senior designers who are eager to meet you. We’ll show you many things and we hope you can show is something too (not cat videos though, we’ve seen them all). You’ll be in charge of:
Web design, in adobe XD
Social media posts: Pictures, GIFs and the occasional video
Designing Some print material
Helping with presentations
Arguing why Helvetica isn’t the best font ever (and getting proved wrong)
We’re basically building websites and digital advertising solutions for Hotels, travel agencies, High-end restaurants and things of that nature. If you’re interested, send us your CV and let’s have a conversation
Send us your CV, preferably, there’s a link to your website, Behance, Dribbble, Uplabs etc… in there. If we like your stuff, we’ll send you an email and invite you to a quick 15 min phone conversation. If your stuff checks out, we’ll invite you to our office in Lafayette for an interview.
No cover letter required. However, if you can write us something original and thought that would make us want to hire you, please go ahead and send it at [email protected]
We can’t take everyone for this job, but we sure try to answer all applications within a month


You are
You are awesome. You have a crush for the digital, you’re not afraid of change and you don’t want to be doing the same thing every single day. You have a great attitude, you’re independent and you know how to get things done. You’re the: “Don’t worry, I got it” kinda guy/gal and you really deliver on your promises. You know your way around WordPress and PrestaShop and you need not be told that a website needs to be responsive.
You’re willing to learn, go outside of your scope, have fun, and burn the occasional midnight oil. You’re willing to take your freedom responsibly and assume. You have a great sense of detail and you’re not intimidated by this nearly impossible list of kickass requirements.
Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, you also have the equivalent of 2 years of experience as a designer, not necessarily as a typical employee. You can basically show us something you are proud of and enough skill to hire you
You’re not
Always angry, tired, mad, upset or any combination of those. (Cranky is tolerated if you’re a genius though)
Planning to ditch us in a few weeks, months, years
One of those people who learned everything at school
Too serious
A child
A dinosaur
Always right
Afraid to say the truth, all of it, always.
Technical skills
We’re looking for a well-rounded designer, more of graphic designer that does UI design too. Most of the work that you will be required to do is designing websites and posts for social media.
Great typography
Great typography
Photoshop, illustrator, XD, and a video editing software of your choice
Great typography
Minimal aesthetic is highly appreciated
Great typography. Need we say it one more time?
An eye for detail. Seriously, not just something you say.
Great typography. Of course we do :p !
Send us your portfolio, even if it sucks. Priority will be given to those who have the courage to show us what they have made. It’s not required though


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    Jeanne d'arc, Tunis (Lafayette), Tunis
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    1 Année
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